Our Products

Greensleeves’ GS Connect Rescue products are case specific. Your borefield issues are unique; why should your solution be any different?
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GS Connect Controls is a software program that controls any type of geothermal system and is specifically designed for use...
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GS Connect Real Time Controls (RTC) products bring value to commercial hybrid geothermal projects that combine a ground heat…
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GS Connect Monitoring provides owners/engineers with a dashboard that shows them live system data and analyzes trends that identify existing…
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ENtellect simplifies the complex world of geothermal design engineering. This innovative cloud-based tool lowers installation…
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About Greensleeves

Greensleeves is a customer driven technology company that serves the commercial geothermal market.

Our team of highly skilled professionals and patented self-adapting software will save you up to 30% in CAPEX costs on geothermal installations, 30-50% in energy costs for the life of your building, and we will reduce your building’s carbon footprint.

What geothermal energy offers

Geothermal energy can heat and cool your building. Operating costs are less than with conventional systems. Energy generated is environmentally friendly. Geothermal systems are eligible for government tax credits and grants.

We control and successfully optimize 2 million square feet of buildings in the following industries:

Case Studies

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