Caledonia Utilizes Greensleeves to Expand Upon
Existing Geothermal Heat Exchanger


In July of 2015, Caledonia High School wanted to examine their existing borefield to determine potential thermal capacity for an additional building.

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GMB Architecture + Engineering
Greensleeves LLC

Caledonia H.S. is part of the Caledonia School District and is located in Caledonia, MI.

Determine the capacity of the GHX as it relates to the building loads of the existing buildings on campus.
Analyze additional building loads to determine how added loads would impact the future health of the existing GHX.

Additional square footage: 120,000.
Serves approximately Approx. 1,500 High School Students.

In 2015, the Caledonia School District started to analyze the construction of an additional building for the High School and the ability to tie into the existing geothermal HVAC system.  After the potential heating and cooling loads were determined by an outside engineering firm, Greensleeves was engaged to assist in analyzing if and how the existing GHX could be utilized for these additional loads.

Greensleeves’ Monitoring software tracked, stored, and analyzed the behavior of the existing building and the heat flux to/from the GHX. Based upon this information, Greensleeves determined that an additional GHX was not needed for the new building. This conclusion alone eliminated a significant portion of the School District’s capital expenditure.

In 2017, Greensleeves’ Controls software was then added to optimize the existing system to address the additional loads from the new building.  This software is designed to optimize the performance of the GHX while providing comfort air to all buildings. This Controls software reduced the School Districts energy consumption and expenditures.