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Greensleeves’ GS Connect Rescue products are case specific. Your borefield issues are unique; why should your solution be any different? Greensleeves can diagnose the root cause of any geothermal borefield’s mild-to-severe temperature drift – either over-heating or over-cooling.

GS Rescue employs advanced diagnostics, patented algorithms, and award-winning software, to quickly restore functionality of the system and provide a long-term solution that is reliable and cost effective.


Once a solution has been designed and installed, GS Connect Rescue controls optimize the operation of various system components to minimize the time it takes to correct the imbalance and, moving forward, to operate the system in the most energy-efficient manner possible.


  1. Easy to use interface – GS Rescue is designed with a user-friendly interface. Customers can see real time data or generate graphs of tracked data.
  2. Data Tracking – GS Rescue continuously tracks and stores information for future use.
  3. Reports – Greensleeves’ team of engineers will provide easy to understand biannual reports with key information about the health and future needs of the geothermal system.
  4. Automatic controls – By providing controls for auxiliary equipment, GS Rescue eliminates the need for in person temperature monitoring and manually controlling the valves and simultaneously lowers energy consumption. This also helps reduce accidental freezing and/or wasted gas.
  5. Optimized and Predictive Controls – GS Rescue corrects and optimizes the performance of the system. Specifically, it constantly tracks, records, and updates the operating system to correct existing imbalances and updates operating schedules as needed.
  6. Reduces future maintenance on equipment – By optimizing the system, the heat pumps experience lower entering water temperatures. These lower temperatures put less strain on the equipment thereby reducing maintenance and downtime while also increasing the health borefield.

Geothermal Projects

Greensleeves’ products are applicable to small-to-large unitary and central plant geothermal projects.

What does geothermal energy offer?

  • Geothermal energy can heat and cool your building.
  • Operating costs are less than with conventional systems.
  • Energy generated is environmentally friendly.
  • Eligible for tax credits and grants in some areas.

GS Connect Overview

Whether your project includes schools, college campuses, hospitals, office and municipal buildings or military bases, Greensleeves’ products can help you heat and cool your property efficiently.