About Greensleeves

Greensleeves is a customer driven technology company that serves the commercial geothermal market.

Our team of highly skilled professionals and patented self-adapting software will save you up to 30% in CAPEX costs on geothermal installations, 30-50% in energy costs for the life of your building, and we will reduce your building’s carbon footprint.

Our Scope

We control and successfully optimize two-million square feet of buildings by upgrading

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Office and manufacturing buildings
  • Military bases
  • Municipal buildings

Geothermal systems are used for both heating and cooling of buildings. Greensleeves’ patented products can pro-actively create a realistic and cost-efficient predictive energy model for actual building operating conditions in the design phase so owners can install the proper equipment at the time of construction. Greensleeves’ proprietary products can also be used to diagnose and remedy existing energy solutions where the initial design produces an inadequate and inefficient building energy solutions.

Whether Greensleeves’ proprietary products are used as the basis of design to create a realistic and cost-efficient buildings energy solution that is more predictive of reality, or to help diagnose and remedy an existing building energy solution, Greensleeves’ intellectual property learns how a building actually operates, and programs the building’s energy solution to properly operate based on real usage conditions.

    Geothermal Projects

    Greensleeves’ products are applicable to small-to-large unitary and central plant geothermal projects.

    What does geothermal energy offer?

    • Geothermal energy can heat and cool your building.
    • Operating costs are less than with conventional systems.
    • Energy generated is environmentally friendly.
    • Eligible for tax credits and grants in some areas.

    GS Connect Overview

    Whether your project includes schools, college campuses, hospitals, office and municipal buildings or military bases, Greensleeves’ products can help you heat and cool your property efficiently.