Real Time Data Collection


GS Connect Monitoring provides owners/engineers with a dashboard that shows them live system data and analyzes trends that identify the current and future health of the system.

With both new systems and existing buildings, Monitoring provides contemporaneous peace of mind that the system was correctly designed, installed, and is working properly.


Additionally, this software can be used to evaluate building expansion options. It will help determine how much capacity is remaining with the existing system and/or how much auxiliary equipment is needed to handle the expansion.


  1. Easy to use interface – GS Monitoring is designed with a user-friendly interface. Customers can see real time data or generate graphs of tracked data.
  2. Data Tracking – GS Monitoring continuously tracks and stores information for future analysis.
  3. Reports – Greensleeves’ team of engineers can provide easy to understand reports with key information about the health and future needs of the geothermal system.

Geothermal Projects

Greensleeves’ products are applicable to small-to-large unitary and central plant geothermal projects.

What does geothermal energy offer?

  • Geothermal energy can heat and cool your building.
  • Operating costs are less than with conventional systems.
  • Energy generated is environmentally friendly.
  • Eligible for tax credits and grants in some areas.

GS Connect Overview

Whether your project includes schools, college campuses, hospitals, office and municipal buildings or military bases, Greensleeves’ products can help you heat and cool your property efficiently.