Predictive. Optimized. Artificial Intelligence.


GS Connect Controls is a software program that controls any type of geothermal system and is specifically designed for use in larger or more complex buildings.

This software uses predictive building controls to maximize the performance of commercial geothermal systems. These predictive controls continuously update and modify the system based on actual building loads, weather conditions and historic data. GS Controls proactively optimizes the system based on actual building loads, regardless of the original design.


GS Connect Controls sends control signals to key parts of the ground heat exchanger system, including: circulation pumps, control valves, boilers, cooling towers, or other available thermal assets.

GS Connect Controls learns (artificial intelligence) actual building use over time, adapts to these patterns and optimizes the interplay between the ground heat exchanger and the hybrid components. It then determines when and how much the system should run the hybrid components to achieve the desired temperature set point in the future. This helps prevent borefield temperature creep or failure of the thermal battery.

Additionally, the average entering water temperature in the heat pumps is reduced by 8+ degrees when using GS Controls. This reduction in temperature helps reduce compressor energy and increases lifespan of the equipment.

Since real-world conditions constantly change, the predictive process is repeated weekly and the equipment operation schedule is adjusted to maintain temperature targets.


  1. Easy to use interface – GS Controls is designed with a user-friendly interface. Customers can see real time data or generate graphs of tracked data.
  2. Data Tracking – GS Controls continuously tracks and stores information for future use.
  3. Reports – Greensleeves’ team of engineers can provide easy to understand reports with key information about the health and future needs of the geothermal system.
  4. Automatic controls – By providing controls for auxiliary equipment, GS Controls eliminates the need for in person temperature monitoring and manually controlling the valves. This helps reduce accidental freezing and/or wasted gas.
  5. Optimized and Predictive Controls – GS Controls optimizes and enhances the performance of the system. Specifically, it constantly tracks, records, and updates the operating system. By using actual loads instead of design loads, the system can determine changes in the building usage and update operating schedules as needed.
  6. Reduced maintenance on equipment – By optimizing the system, the heat pumps experience lower entering water temperatures. These lower temperatures put less strain on the equipment thereby reducing maintenance and downtime while also increasing the health borefield.

Geothermal Projects

Greensleeves’ products are applicable to small-to-large unitary and central plant geothermal projects.

What does geothermal energy offer?

  • Geothermal energy can heat and cool your building.
  • Operating costs are less than with conventional systems.
  • Energy generated is environmentally friendly.
  • Eligible for tax credits and grants in some areas.

GS Connect Overview

Whether your project includes schools, college campuses, hospitals, office and municipal buildings or military bases, Greensleeves’ products can help you heat and cool your property efficiently.