Free Geothermal and Hybrid Design Software

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ENtellect simplifies the complex world of geothermal design engineering. This innovative cloud-based tool lowers installation and operating energy costs for customers. Plus, it is the only design tool available in the industry that offers this degree of ease and accessibility.

ENtellect can be conveniently accessed through any standard web browser, allowing users to input building load data into the software from virtually anywhere.

ENtellect is a great tool for designers to easily and accurately produce energy efficient ground source designs with options to optimize them. The powerful tool is continuously updated and doesn't require expensive computer equipment as it runs in the cloud.

– Grant Page P.E.

Geothermal Projects

Greensleeves’ products are applicable to small-to-large unitary and central plant geothermal projects.

What does geothermal energy offer?

  • Geothermal energy can heat and cool your building.
  • Operating costs are less than with conventional systems.
  • Energy generated is environmentally friendly.
  • Eligible for tax credits and grants in some areas.

GS Connect Overview

Whether your project includes schools, college campuses, hospitals, office and municipal buildings or military bases, Greensleeves’ products can help you heat and cool your property efficiently.